Johny Hendricks: I Can’t Make The Weight

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This hilarious music video featuring former UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks is some great viewing…

Former UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks has always had issues with his big physique, at least in terms of making 170 pounds before fight night. He once missed weight for his title clash with Robbie Lawler, and it’s been an ongoing issue as it’s been revealed he used to cut 45 pounds in eight days before competing. Now with the newly implemented USADA IV rehydration ban, ‘Bigg Rigg’ is looking a lot more average in size.

His most recent performance, a shocking TKO loss to upstart underdog Stephen Thompson, showed Hendricks looking a lot smaller. His explosive power and movements just weren’t there, and he suffered a one sided beatdown to ‘Wonderboy.’ Thompson was able to control the distance perfectly, meaning his kicks connected on a frequent basis, and ‘Bigg Rigg’ was suddenly looking all too human.

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UFC president Dana White had gone all bonkers and declared Hendricks as a middleweight after his latest withdrawal from the UFC 192 contender match with Tyron Woodley. A blocked intestine due to kidney stones from a harsh weight cut saw ‘Big Rigg’ once again falling foul because of his slimming issues, but he still has a sense of humour about the subject.

Check out the hilarious music video that Hendricks made for the recent 2016 Fighter Only Awards:

 Nice afro Johny! It’s quite a similar clip to the now infamous DC ‘chicken and cake’ montage, except Daniel Cormier has never missed weight for a fight. With all the fun and games included in this video, there’s a serious issue a hand; where does Johny Hendricks fight next? He’s clearly way too big for the welterweight division to be at his best with the IV ban too, but he is way too small i stature for the middleweight division.

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