Johnny Eblen’s girlfriend, OnlyFans model Jessenia Rebecca, threatens to dump him if he loses at PFL vs. Bellator

Johnny Eblen and Jessenia Rebecca

If Johnny Eblen doesn’t get the win on Saturday night, he’ll go home without his title and his girl.

Days ahead of his highly anticipated return against 2023 PFL light heavyweight tournament winner Impa Kasanganay, Eblen was spotted out and about with OnlyFans model Jessenia Rebecca. Eblen reportedly dropped a whopping $85,000 during their afternoon shopping spree, spending $30,000 at Alex The Jeweler, $25,000 at Dior, and another $30,000 at Louis Vuitton

“It was an incredible day, and I’m so grateful to Johnny for his kindness,” Rebecca said following the experience.

As it turns out, Eblen’s kindness only goes so far. During a recent interview, Rebecca spoke of her relationship with the Bellator MMA middleweight champion, revealing that if he doesn’t get his hand raised at the PFL vs. Bellator event in Riyadh on February 24, their relationship will be as dead as his title reign.

“Then I’m out,” she replied when asked what would happen if Eblen loses. “He has to win.”

Jessenia Rebecca Defends Her Comments about ditching Johnny Eblen

Rebecca’s comments immediately drew the ire of fight fans who lambasted her in the comments section on social media. Responding to the backlash, the Instagram influencer suggested that she was simply being honest and would expect nothing less from Eblen.

“Since when was being honest wrong? Do you think if I stopped being attractive or gained a bunch of weight he would be with me? No,” she wrote. “He likes me cuz I’m attractive and I like him cuz he’s a champion. Either one of us can get dumped if we lose the thing that the other found attractive. Let’s start being honest in 2024.”

With a little something extra to fight for, are you putting any money on Eblen to come out on top?

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