UFC To Use Smaller Cage For APEX Events

The UFC has a very specific reason for its preference of a smaller Octagon according to veteran referee ‘Big’ John McCarthy.

The promotion resumes its fight schedule with UFC on ESPN 9 this Saturday which is expected to take place at the Apex facility in Las Vegas — that is, pending the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s meeting tomorrow discussing the return of professional sports.

Should the event go through as planned, however, the action will take place in a 25-foot Octagon rather than the standard 30-foot Octagon we are accustomed to seeing. That’s according to MMA Junkie’s John Morgan.

“For all the degenerates, the analysts and the generally curious, UFC official tells me the Apex shows will be contested in a 25′ cage rather than the 30′ octagon we generally see at most UFC events.”

Morgan went on to add that the UFC prefers the bigger cage but certain venues don’t allow for it. McCarthy disagrees, though.

He believes the APEX facility is more than big enough to hold a 30-foot Octagon — the UFC just wants a smaller cage so that it creates more action with the fights.

“UFC operations staff knows it can put a 30ft cage in the Apex. The UFC prefers the smaller 25ft cage because they feel it creates more action. Fighters tend to like the 30ft cage because of the space. 25 ft cage came from WEC days and Joe Silva loved it. It’s just preference”

Morgan replied stating that UFC president Dana White personally prefers the bigger cage but that it’s worth asking again ahead of this weekend’s event.

“I’ve asked Dana before about using smaller cage more often, but he actually said he prefers bigger one for the look on broadcast. Sure it will be worth asking again this weekend since it seems they absolutely could switch out at Apex. Can’t fit at all venues, such as Palms.”

It’s certainly an interesting theory as the smaller the cage, the less space to move which only makes it easier for the fighters to make contact and engage with each other.

What do you think?

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