Joe Rogan Reacts To Meryl Streep’s MMA Insult

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After taking a shot at MMA during her awards speech, Meryl Streep has caught a ton of flack…

Mixed martial arts is still not fully accepted. After years of battling to get the sport legalized in New York, the final state that refused to regulate MMA finally caved last year. Even so, drastic and outlandish statements about child labour and porn were used by opposing senators to condemn the sport. It seems narrow-minded politicians aren’t the only ones with a bee in their bonnet about MMA, Meryl Streep is also on that bandwagon.

During her Golden Globes award acceptance speech this past weekend, the Hollywood actress took a dig at MMA. Claiming it ‘wasn’t an art,’ Streep’s comments led to a stream of furious reactions from the combat sports world. UFC president Dana White blasted Streep as an ‘uppity 80-year old,’ whereas Scott Coker invited her to watch a Bellator show. Now it’s Joe Rogan’s turn.

Joe Rogan’s Response

Responding to Streep’s comments, Joe Rogan told Bas Rutten and Mauro Ranello about the artistic aspect of MMA:

“It was pompous. I was reading some of the responses to Meryl Streep, I was like ‘Jesus Christ!’ She went after mixed martial arts, because she used the word ‘arts’ and then she riffed it. What are arts? It’s not the art of pretending, it’s the art of executing under very difficult circumstances. Very difficult, you got somebody trying to smash bones in your face. It’s very difficult to do, and when its done properly its artistic.”

“You can’t tell me that when Anderson Silva landed that front kick on Vitor Belfort’s face and his legs give in, that’s not art. That’s art. (Ryo Chonan landing the flying scissor heel hook on Anderson Silva) that’s art, that was like a movie scene. A brutal piece of art was Quinton Rampage Jackson’s slam on Ricardo Arona. Oh my God, why did Arona hold on to that triangle? The impact was so brutal, Arona was essentially never the same again.”

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