Joe Rogan Reacts To Conor McGregor Being Pulled From UFC 200

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In case you’ve been absent for the past few days, here’s a brief update on the crazy circumstances surrounding Conor McGregor. The UFC featherweight champion set the internet ablaze with a Tweet announcing his sudden retirement, and since then it’s been sheer mayhem. Speculation erupted in the mixed martial arts community, and was further fuelled by the announcement he’d been pulled from his UFC 200 rematch with Nate Diaz. In just a matter of hours, the promotion’s stance on McGregor had changed massively, as UFC president Dana White made clear his feelings on ‘The Notorious.’

Conor and Dana

White claimed he couldn’t make exceptions for any fighter, and that McGregor had refused to attend the first media obligations for UFC 200, leading to the eventual rift we are seeing today. His retirement was short lived though, as the Irish star clarified in his recent statement, declaring himself as still looking to fight at UFC 200. By all accounts, that window of opportunity is now closed as the promotion seeks a replacement to face Diaz. White even dropped in a USADA (United States Anti Doping Agency) implication during his interview with UFC on FOX, adding to the rumours surrounding McGregor’s reasons for becoming embroiled in this saga.


The world is once again fixated on McGregor, the cameras keep rolling and the mics keep recording, but will the brash Irish striker keep fighting? His rise to prominence and sensational engulfing of the UFC is truly a first, with no one, not even greats like GSP or Anderson Silva ever having as much star power as McGregor. Perhaps this posturing by the UFC is the promotion trying to finally put a lid on the monster they created before he starts to take the limelight off of them. The UFC is clearly all about the promotion, and not the fighters, and maybe McGregor’s plight will actually help improve working conditions for future fighters.

Who knows, perhaps there really is more to this than we realise at this stage, but whatever the case, it’s one of the most publicized, mainstream included, MMA happenings ever.

Joe Rogan went on his awesome podcast last night and gave his opinions and feelings on the whole drama surrounding Conor McGregor and UFC 200.

As usual, it’s incredibly accurate and also thought provoking…