Joe Rogan puts the blame on Chuck Liddell for his downfall in the world of MMA and why he thinks it all comes down to his style. According to the longtime UFC color commentator, he thinks the brawling style of Liddell cut his career short.

The style of going out there and striking it out until one fighter falls caught up to the former UFC light heavyweight champion. The days of sparring everyday appear to be changing as the game evolves and fighters get smarter.

The wars that used to take place in the gyms look to be a dying thing, which is good considering that it’ll likely extend the careers of fighters. Instead, of fighting in the gym all of the time, they split that time into not only sparring but also working on technique and learning new skill sets. Liddell is from the old school way of training and that caught up to him in the later stage of his career. Rogan talked about his mindset on his “JRE MMA Show” podcast.

“When you see Chuck go out on his shield, something about it to me, I don’t like seeing it,” Rogan said (H/T to MMAJunkie). “I definitely would’ve like it if he didn’t get knocked out again. But one thing I would like young fighters to see is there’s consequences to choices in terms of how you approach these exchanges and how you fight. I’m of the belief that you should fight the correct way.”

Staying Wise

Liddell lost in late November to former fellow UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz by first-round knockout. In the fight, Ortiz evaded almost every attack with ease before he stopped Liddell with a violent right hand. Rogan believes that part of the fight game is to be wise.

“Don’t fight the way that pleases your boss or the crowd. Fight the way you’re supposed too with your skills, and win by knockout when you can. But don’t get knocked out because you’re trying to win by knockout and you overextending yourself and overexposing yourself. That’s not wise. I think part of fighting has to be wise.”

“He was just a marauder,” Rogan said. “You could hit him the face with a (expletive) crowbar and he would just spit metal out. He didn’t give a (expletive). He was so badass back in the day.”

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