Daniel Cormier slams Joaquin Buckley for trashing Conor McGregor’s mom in call out: ‘That was horrible’

Daniel Cormier slams Joaquin Buckley for mocking Conor McGregor's mom that was horrible

Former UFC champ-champ Daniel Cormier doesn’t like Joaquin Buckley trashing Conor McGregor’s mom after his UFC St. Louis win.

Buckley defeated Nursulton Ruziboev by decision in the co-main event, in a fight that came together on short notice after he called to be on the card. After the win, Buckley decided to call out McGregor but did it in a way that many fans were not happy with.


“I researched the McGregor name and you come from a long, long line of McHo*s. Your dad was a b***h. Your grandfather was a p***y. Your great-great-grandfather was a p***y. So, I guess it’s safe to say that your mom was a p***y. And guess what? If you don’t answer, and I’ll bet the money I don’t even have that you won’t, everyone will know I’m telling the truth,” Buckley said.

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To no surprise, McGregor did not respond to the callout while UFC CEO Dana White shut down any chance of that fight happening.

Cormier, meanwhile, didn’t like the callout one bit as he thinks Buckley took it way too far.

Daniel Cormier NCAA commentary

“That was horrible, how do you do that? I just don’t know what he was doing. Then he goes and he calls Conor McGregor’s mom a bad name. It couldn’t have gotten worse. It was bad,” Daniel Cormier said on Good Guy vs Bad Guy (via YardBarker).

Whether or not McGregor will respond to Buckley’s callout is uncertain.

Joaquin Buckley turns attention to Gilbert Burns

After Joaquin Buckley’s win at UFC St. Louis, he admitted he knew he wouldn’t be getting the fight with Conor McGregor.

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Instead, Buckley has now turned his attention to a former welterweight title challenger in the form of Gilbert Burns.


“Gilbert Burns, I think it’s a beautiful fight,” Buckley said. “A beautiful match-up. I don’t know when he’s going to be cleared or when he’s going to be ready, but Gilbert Burns, definitely.”

Joaquin Buckley is 19-6 as a pro and is 9-4 in the UFC, but is a perfect 4-0 since dropping down to welterweight.