Joanne Calderwood Outpoints Jessica Eye – UFC 257 Results

Calderwood Eye

Next up on the UFC 257 main card is a women’s flyweight tilt between Jessica Eye and Joanne Calderwood.

Round 1: Both fighters go right after it with strikes early on. Calderwood goes for a takedown but Eye clinches her up against the fence. They separate and return to striking. Calderwood connects with a right and follows it up with a knee as she clinches Eye up against the fence this time. Calderwood lands a right before chopping Eye’s leg with a kick. A lot of clinching and dirty boxing in this fight so far. Eye clinches her up against the fence now as she controls the wrist of Calderwood. They separate and return to striking. It’s a high pace for the rest of the round.

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Round 2: Calderwood opens the round with a kick to the body. Eye lands a nice right and follows it up with some leg kicks. Eye lands another right before eating a front kick to the face. Calderwood lands a right now. The left side of Eye’s face is now swelling up. Calderwood takes Eye down but returns to her feet as she wants to continue striking. Eye lands a nice right. Calderwood lands a big knee. Eye takes Calderwood down and ends the round strong.

Round 3: Eye is aggressively early on as she pushes Calderwood to the fence and clinches her up. She looks for a takedown but Calderwood is defending well. Both fighters continue to dirty box. Calderwood is the more active, however, as she lands a wide array of strikes. She lands a big elbow as Eye is bloodied up. The fight comes to an end.

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Official result: Joanne Calderwood defeats Jessica Eye via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).