J’den Cox: Amateur Wrestling Champion

J’den Cox Amateur Wrestling Champion

J’den Cox believes he is one of the most underrated amateur wrestlers ever. It’s hard to argue J’den’s point as the 2x world champion has quietly built quite a legacy for himself.

Birth Name:J’den Michael Tbory Cox
Date of Birth:March 3rd, 1995
Place of Birth:Columbia, Missouri, U.S.
Hometown: Columbia, Missouri
College: University of Missouri
Wrestling Style: Freestyle
Weight Class: 190, 203, 214 lb(86, 92, 97 kg)
Height:6 ft 0 in (183 cm)
Weight:86 kg (190 lb), 92 kg (203 lb), 97 kg (214 lb)
Championships:2x World Freestyle Champion, 2x Pan American Champion, 3x NCCA National Champion, 4x MAC Conference Champion, Olympic Bronze Medalist

Here is a short J’den Cox and how he became one of the best amateur wrestlers on the planet. We detailed everything from his collegiate career, international success, and how Cox became a champion.

J’den Cox’s Entry Into Wrestling 

J’dren Cox grew up in Columbia, Missouri, and has been competing in wrestling since he was four. Wrestling has always been part of J’den’s life since he grew up in a family of wrestlers.

During his childhood, Cox would compete in both Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling. He would win numerous regional and national competitions while competing in both styles.

During much of his childhood and into his international career, Cox learned under coach Mike Eierman.  The father of champion wrestler Jay Eierman.

While wrestling in high school, Cox wore the same headgear that his brothers wore before him. This headgear belonged to their uncle Phil Arnold, who was a 2x Missouri state wrestling champion.

During his freshman year of high school, Cox lost three matches but still won the Missouri state wrestling title.

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These were the only three losses of Cox’s high school career, as he won three more state titles. Not only winning three titles but going unbeaten and becoming the first wrestler to win state titles in four divisions.

J’den Cox

J’aden Cox’s Collegiate Career 

J’aden’s legendary high school career earned him a full scholarship to the University of Missouri. During his freshman year in college, Cox would pick up where he left off in high school.

Cox was already the best wrestler on the team and won the MAC Conference and NCAA National titles at eighteen. There was no doubt that J’den was one of the best 197 lb amateur wrestlers in the world.

During his sophomore year, Cox came up short of his 2nd national title but won his 2nd MAC Conference title. When J’den’s junior year came around, he took back his throne by winning his 2nd national title.

In his senior year, Cox continued to make history as he won his 4th straight MAC title and his 3rd national title. 

This success made J’den Cox one of history’s most successful American college wrestlers. 

J’den’s Olympic Debut 

During J’den Cox’s sophomore year, he earned a US Olympic wrestling team spot. While in his junior year of college, Cox made his Olympic debut at the Rio Games in 2016.

Before the 2016 Olympics, Cox would earn gold at the 2016 World Cup. J’den defeated his first three opponents at the Olympics before losing to Selim Yasar in the semifinals.

Cox went on to earn bronze after Cuban wrestler Reineris Salas quit after giving up a takedown to J’den.

J’den’s 2017 Run

After finishing his collegiate career in 2017 with another national title, Cox competed internationally for the rest of the year.

But his first major competition was defending his spot on team USA against Olympic gold medalist Dave Taylor. The two competed in a best-of-three series, where Taylor won the first match, but Cox won the last two.

He followed this impressive performance by earning a bronze medal at the World Championship in Paris. 

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2018 US Open Champion

In 2018, J’den made his debut at the 2019 US Open Championship. En route to winning gold at the event, Cox shut out all four of his opponents and scored 2 technical falls.

Freestyle World Wrestling Champion(2018-2019) 

2018 seemed to be the beginning of the J’den Cox era. After placing 3rd at the 2017 World Championship, J’den returned to shock the world. He battled four of the toughest wrestlers in the world to win his first world title at 92 kilos.

A year later, Cox won the Pan American title, leading to his attempt to repeat as world freestyle champion. This was one of the most dominant performances of J’den’s career. The Missouri native won his second world title without giving up a single point.

2019 Yasar Dogu Tournament Champion 

Before winning his second world title, Cox finally won the illustrious Yasar Dagu wrestling tournament. In his debut at the Yasar Dogu, Cox lost his first match.

However, Cox was determined going into his second attempt and dominated the competition. It was a vintage J’den Cox performance, where he scored technical falls on all four opponents.

Pan American Champion(2019 & 2022) 

Between winning world titles, J’den Cox would earn gold at the 2019 Pan-American Championship. Cox swept Diego Ramirez and Jaime Espinal in the tournament to earn his first Pan-American title.

Cox returned to the tournament three years later to win his second title. En route to winning this title, J’den once again swept his competition without getting scored on.

Kyle Snyder vs. J’den Cox Super Match

Kyle Snyder is easily J’den Cox’s biggest rival. The two champions have been battling each other for titles and spots on the US team for years.

The first time the two met was at the 2011 Junior National Championship. Cox beat Snyder in the Greco-Roman finals, but Snyder beat him in the freestyle bracket.

Four years later, in 2015, Snyder gave Cox the first loss of his junior year. Kyle also beat J’den in the US Senior Nationals event that year. However, J’den did beat Kyle Dake to earn his spot on the 2016 Olympic team. 

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In 2022, RUDIS+ set up an event of wrestling super matches. The promotion set up a best-of-three match between the two rivals. 

This time, Snyder would come out on top by winning the first two matches. Every time these two compete, the wrestling world watches.

The Techniques of J’den Cox 

J’den Cox is a master tactician who is never out of place. He is one of the best at timing and setting up his techniques.

Whenever J’den attacks, it is always explosive, and he never stops until his opponent is on the mat. His tenacity and high-level technical skills is why J’den is a 2x world champion.

J’den Cox Wrestler

The Training of J’den Cox 

To be a multi-time world champion, you must train like a champion, which is exactly how J’den Cox trains. Whether in the wrestling or weight room, J’den goes all out in training.

He is an elite athlete with an incredible work ethic. This incredible work ethic and athleticism have made Cox one of the world’s best wrestlers.

J’den’s Personal Life 

In J’den Cox’s personal life, he is hearing impaired, having lost most of the hearing in his left ear. He began losing his hearing in college, which led him to learn sign language.

J’den constantly posts videos of him signing to his hearing-impaired fans online. His sponsor, Nike, even put a graphic of the sign for Cox on the wrestling champion’s wrestling shoes.

J’den Cox: Future BJJ Athlete?

BJJ athletes have been training with the 2x world champion for the last few years. One of the most notable jiu-jitsu athletes who has spent time training with J’den Cox is the GOAT Gordan Ryan.

This work with jiu-jitsu athletes led Cox to produce instructionals for BJJ Fanatics and Fanatic Wrestling. They are among the highest rated and most bough instructionals on both websites.

As for if J’den will ever transition to BJJ competition, the wrestling champion is still focused on winning wrestling titles.

J’den Cox with medal

The Legacy of J’den Cox

At 26 years old, J’den Cox has nearly done it all in amateur wrestling. He’s won multiple world and Pan-American titles while being among the most decorated collegiate wrestlers ever.

The only title that J’den is missing is an Olympic gold medal. He will look to climb that mountain as he prepares for the 2024 Olympics.