James Toney: Rampage Jackson is a slave to the white man

Pro boxing legend and one-fight UFC veteran, James Toney, discusses Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s recent Twitter tirade against the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Toney insists that Jackson has become a “slave to the white man,” and offers the former Light Heavyweight Champion a job at his gym as a “janitor or sparring partner.”

James Toney

“Rampage, that’s what you get for being a slave to the white man. Don’t be scared – step up and speak for yourself. That’s why I got paid a million and a half dollars, and I’m still getting paid by the UFC. The highest paid fighter ever. You feel me, fat boy? And you been there – what? 20 years? And you’re getting paid pennies, while I make millions? If you want to fight me boy, come on down to the gym and I’ll give you a job. You can either be the janitor, or you can be a sparring partner. It’s your choice. I pay $50 a day for sparring … He’d get knocked out.”

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