UFC alum Jake Shields’ controversial challenge accepted by amateur wrestler and trans man Mack Beggs

Jake Shields

Jake Shields’ challenge to take on ten trans men back-to-back has been answered.

Shields, a former Strikeforce middleweight champion who fizzled out of the sport in 2018 following a run under the PFL banner, has kept his name in the headlines thanks to his controversial and downright disgusting views toward the transgender community. Despite being repeatedly suspended from social media platforms like Twitter for his transphobic takes, the lay-and-pray specialist routinely finds his way back online to offer his outlandish takes.

Recently, Shields made a lot of enemies, and a shocking amount of allies, for his belief that those who aid in the transition of children should be subject to public execution.

Putting his money where his mouth is, Jake Shields offered up a challenge to the community he seems to loathe so much. He offered to fight ten of the toughest trans men on the same night, leading one to suspect that Shields had just gotten done watching the 1992 film ‘Diggstown’ and had a lightbulb moment.

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Since trans men are real men I would like to challenge the 10 toughest trans men in the world to a fight.” Taking things a step further, Shields agreed to fight them with “no training and no rest between each fight.”

Amateur Wrestler Mack Beggs Accepts Jake Shields’ Challenge

After some additional goading from Jake Shields, one individual stepped up to the plate. Mack Beggs, an amateur wrestler and transgender man, delivered a scathing response to the California native. Beggs accepted Shields’ challenge but suggested that they keep it one-on-one.

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‘We just going to make this an official call out, but Jake Shields I will take you up on your offer,’ he said. But the offer isn’t going to be 10 versus one and 10 trans men you’re going to be fighting for the rest of the night,” Beggs said.

“You’re going to do a one-on-one type match. You’re going to do it right,” Beggs continued. “If you’re going to call yourself a fighter do it f*cking right. Like, that’s just f***ing disrespectful. It’s disrespectful to the sport of MMA for you to just be like ‘oh yeah let me just call out 10 trans men and I’ll f*cking whoop them” (h/t Outkick.com)

Beggs went on to suggest that the constant attention that his community gets from Jake Shields and his equally pathetic allies could be due to a secret fetish masked as disdain.

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“It’s the fact that y’all are so fixated and hyper-fixated and have some f*cking fetish with trans women that you even forget that we f*cking out here and we going to f*ck you up.

“I’m specifically going to f*ck you up Jake Shields,” Beggs concluded.

Beggs is a former high school wrestler from Euless, Texas. In 2017, Beggs made headlines after he won the Texas girls’ 110-pound championship despite identifying as a male. However, it was not Beggs’ choice to compete in the girls’ division. Texas state legislation dictated that individuals were only allowed to compete in the division for the gender assigned at birth.