Jake Paul reflects on loss to Tommy Fury: ‘I was sick for four weeks. He wasn’t that great’

Jake Paul Floyd Mayweather altercation was fake PR stunt

It’s been nearly one week since Jake Paul suffered the first defeat of his boxing career to Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia, and he’s had some time to reflect on the fight.

Paul still believes he is better than Fury, as his recent quote suggests:

“I was sick for four weeks of this nine-week camp, (and) jet lagged for another week. What’s pissing me off is that it had nothing to do with him, he wasn’t that great at all. I think Anderson Silva was tougher than him.

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Once Paul was unable to land that overhand right of his, his biggest weapon was off the table. He was able to land his left hook a few times, and landed a nice counter jab that momentarily dropped Fury in the eighth, but he wasn’t having an easy time in there.

Fury made him work for it, and Paul made Fury work for it. It wasn’t the prettiest fight, but nonetheless, it looks like we may be in store for Fury vs Paul II next, as Mike Perry is fighting Luke Rockhold in BKFC, and Nate Diaz most likely won’t be interested in facing someone coming off a loss, not to mention their rematch clause that was in the contract going into this fight.

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Jake Paul fell to 6-1 as a professional boxer in Saudi Arabia, while Tommy Fury climbed to 9-1.

Do we want to see Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul II?

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