Jake Paul is just weeks removed from his win over Tyron Woodley, but he’s already thinking about what could be next in his boxing career, including a potential fight with UFC star Jorge Masvidal.

Paul silenced the doubters in a split-decision win over Woodley, proving that he’s not just a knockout artist and that he can deal damage for the entirety of a fight. Up until the fight with Woodley, all of Paul’s fights had ended by knockout early on in the bout.

Paul and Masvidal have a bit of history, stemming from when the two briefly trained together as Paul trained for one of Masvidal’s old rivals, Ben Askren. Paul would go on to knockout Askren within seconds into their fight earlier this year before facing a step up in competition in Woodley.

Any positive relationship the two had in the past has appeared to have fizzled out after Masvidal picked Woodley to knockout Paul and Paul responded by blasting Masvidal during a pre-fight interview. During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Paul sounded optimistic that a fight with Masvidal would eventually come to fruition.

“I mean honestly just from a personal standpoint, I would love for it to be Masvidal,” Paul said. “Just cause of the shit talk. Just cause of his name. Just cause he’s still in his prime era and there’s a lot of personal beef there. I just took out his boy Tyron [Woodley].”

“But for me personally, I think that would be the toughest challenge, the toughest guy and the biggest name. I think it will happen at some point regardless, but that’s at the top of my list for sure.”

Masvidal has recently also endorsed potential fights with Jake and his brother Logan to happen at some point down the line. Masvidal possesses some of the best boxing in the UFC, as most noted in his last few victories in the octagon.

A Paul vs. Masvidal matchup would definitely entice the fans and it’s possible that Masvidal could be the one to take away Paul’s unbeaten record.

What do you think would happen in a Jake Paul vs. Jorge Masvidal boxing match?