UFC star Israel Adesanya addresses speculation of his sexuality: ‘I’m in touch with the feminine side of me’

Israel Adesanya addresses his sexuality UFC I'm in touch with my feminine side

UFC middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya has lashed out at fans and critics of his, addressing his sexuality – claiming many have referred to him as “gay” due to his personality. 

Adesanya, the current and two-time undisputed middleweight champion, most recently headlined UFC 287 back in April of this year, successfully reclaiming the undisputed division title with a stunning second round KO win over arch-rival, Alex Pereira – turning in his first victory over his Brazilian nemesis in their four-fight series.

Yet to return to the Octagon in the time since, Adesanya has been earmarked to return before the close of the year by promotional president, Dana White – who confirmed that UFC 290’s middleweight main card fight between former champion, Robert Whittaker, and Dricus du Plessis will fight the City Kickboxing striker for gold next.

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Israel Adesanya eyes future fight with Dricus du Plessis next

Weighing up his fighting future, Adesanya has notably eyed a fight with South African challenger, du Plessis since winning middleweight gold earlier this year, and revealed recently that he gained the better of the Pethora native during a prior sparring session

“So, you know what’s funny? What’s funny to me – I remember this, we actually sparred,” Israel Adesanya said during an appearance on IMPAULSIVE. “We actually sparred. Hey, sparring is sparring. Alsjo you know what, I’m coming from China. I was doing kickboxing over there, I had no MMA, nothing. I was just kickboxing. I had MMA already, but it wasn’t sharp. It was blunt. My Jiu-Jitsu was blunt, very blunt.”

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“So, we’re sparring – I don’t know if we did two rounds or one, it’s so long ago as well,” Israel Adesanya explained. “This is 2014, so, long ago. I remember like on the grappling he had me. But on striking, I just messed him up.”

And addressing rumors and speculation of his sexuality, Adesanya claimed that he had no issue displaying his “feminine side” – and laughed off suggestions that his manager was actually a “sugar daddy” for him.

“We still have a feminine side, and a masculine side,” Israel Adesanya explained. “I’m in touch with both. You know, this is why online people think I’m gay, or they literally think I’m gay – it’s the whole thing. That’s my boyfriend, apparently. Ash (Belcastro) – my manager, I guess. They see me in the cage with him all the time. ‘They’re always hugging and sh*t.’”