UFC Middleweight Champ Israel Adesanya is back at it again ripping former Light Heavyweight king Jon Jones.

Adesanya will look to gain the coveted champ-champ status, going after Light Heavyweight champ Jan Blachowicz next. and has projected lofty goals for 2021. He has spoken about moving up to heavyweight and taking on Jones in an ultimate showdown. The two have been going back and forth for a while now, and fans are hoping for some pay-off one day.

Should Adesanya capture the Light Heavyweight belt, it will be the very same one that Jones relinquished a few months ago, moving to heavyweight. Adesanya also questioned Jon’s intention to actually fight at heavyweight.

“He is probably loathing and waiting until, I don’t know, I don’t check. He is loathing. It is rubbing him the wrong way, I know it is rubbing him the wrong way. Say something stupid, he knows I got clips, I’m ready for him.”

“He still hasn’t got a fight matched up, has he?” Adesanya asked. “He’s what, taking time to get accustomed to heavyweight. He’s been saying for the last 10 years he can beat any heavyweight, blah, blah, blah.”

Adesanya clearly wants to follow Jon Jones, no matter which division he ends up in, hoping to solidify a super fight.

“I’d say the first then the second. If I was waiting (to defend the light heavyweight title) I’ll just go back to 185 and f**k people up there and then if he (Jones) wins the heavyweight belt, I’ll just jump up and take that off him. It would be cool,” Adesanya concluded. “It’s like, oh you took my old toy now I want it back, then comes back down and I’ll slap him across the face.” (Transcribed by Essentially Sports)

There is no doubt that a fight between Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones would be arguably the biggest fight in MMA history, especially if both continue to win their next fights. It would be a super fight, a dream fight between 2 of the best we have ever seen grace the octagon.

When do you think we see Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones throw down? Which Division? Whats the result?