Israel Adesanya Denies Taking Steroids, Addresses Pectoral Injury


Israel Adesanya has denied ever using steroids and has addressed the controversy surrounding his drooping right pectoral muscle which was a big talking fight before and after his UFC 253 main event win over Paulo Costa.

‘Stylebender’ emphatically finished Costa inside two rounds to defend his UFC middleweight title this past weekend. However, his sensational performance was marred in controversy due to a couple of things. Firstly, his crude post-fight celebrations were seen by many to be crossing a line as he humped his downed opponent at the end of the bout. Secondly was a very clear difference in Adesanya’s body in comparison to what it usually looks like. The New Zealander’s right pectoral muscle seemed to be drooping and many fans began to speculate that the odd injury was a result of doping.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani of ESPN Adesanya revealed he had been suffering from the pec injury for almost two months but doubts it is anything to do with his estrogen level being too high as Gynecomastia usually occurs in both pecs and he only has the issue in one.

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“I didn’t want to speak about it until I know what it was because it’s been on me for the last eight weeks and it was growing. I was like ‘this is quite sore’, even my girl told me to go the doctor but I was like ‘ah, I’ll just get this fight over with first’. I don’t know what it is. Also from what I’ve read on the Google’s about Gynecomastia or whatever it happens to both of your boobs right? So, this is just one.”

Adesanya went on to joke about the accusations leveled at him, saying his dominant performance over such a scary contender is bound to bring doping allegations.

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“I don’t know what this is. You know what Ariel, with the performance like I had I would think I was on f*cking steroids too,” Adesanya said. “I would think ‘they need something, it couldn’t be just him. It couldn’t be him, it must be something’. For me, it’s all fun and games and like I’ve said I’ve got two weeks of quarantine. I’m going to entertain the f*ck out of myself.”

As for the injury itself, the middleweight champion says he is awaiting test results instead of speculating about what may be up.

“I just got blood tests done and I did like a scan, two MRI scans just now – like 20 minutes ago for my pituitary gland. So, we’ll get the test back and see what it is. I’ve never really been one to diagnose myself with Google. I wasn’t going to start now so I’ve done my tests and I’ll wait for the results and then I might keep you posted or I might let people speculate. It’s kinda fun just to watch people cry about it.

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The veteran MMA reporter then straight out asked Adesanya if he’d ever taken steroids.

“No,” Stylebender replied. “No, that’s not something. Ahh, come on man.  I know you believe me but it’s just, come on (laughs). It’s silly. But no, I haven’t. I’m not one of those people who needs a crutch, that when that sh*t is taken away they feel weak they feel inadequate. You saw when USADA came through a lot of people fell off, a lot of bodies changed. A lot of people didn’t feel good enough without their magic supplements but yeah, not me – skills pay the bills.

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