UFC’s Hunter Campbell defends Conor McGregor over USADA issue: ‘What they’ve done to him is disgusting’

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The UFC take a strong stance on ongoing situation with Conor McGregor and USADA.

It has been a crazy week for the UFC, having to save both main and co-main events slots for the upcoming 294 card, then announcing its split with drug testing agency, USADA

USADA released a scathing response to the split — with many accusing them of insinuating that Conor McGregor had been taking performance-enhancing drugs following his leg break suffered in his trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier, including testosterone, and experimental peptides.

UFC unhappy with USDA’s comments on Conor McGregor

The UFC were not happy about USADA’s letter and their treatment of McGregor. In a press conference held by Hunter Campbell and Jeff Novitsky, the pair addressed the issue and Hunter specifically demanded an apology from the testing agency.

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“Disappointingly, they used Conor McGregor as a vehicle to sort of articulate and re-frame a complete misrepresentation of what occurred over the last several months,” Campbell said. “What I can categorically tell you is, what USADA has put out in the last 48 hours could not be farther from the truth.” (H/T MMA Junkie)

“The conversations I had with Conor and his physician when that occurred had nothing to do with fighting,” Hunter continued. “They were legitimately concerned he wasn’t going to regain full use of his leg ever again, including the ligaments around it. And I’ll say it one last time, what they’ve done to him is disgusting. For an entity that holds themself out to have a level of honor and integrity, using him as a media vehicle to advance a fake narrative is disturbing, disgusting, and I think they have some legitimate legal liability that they should be very concerned with.”

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The UFC has since announced that they would partner with Drug Free Sports International, which will begin on January 1st 2024.

What is your opinion on the Conor McGregor/USADA situation?