Heads Up, Gamblers: Ronda Rousey Is Already Favored to Beat Cris Cyborg in Their Fantasyland Matchup

Ronda Rousey Body Issue

(If you are implying that this photo has anything to do with odds…you’re probably right.) 

You’ve gotta love the kind of needless analysis and ridiculous speculation that the Internet era has brought to modern sports. Despite the fact that the Ronda Rousey vs. Cristiane Cyborg fight is still trapped in MMA purgatory, the mere possibility of the matchup is apparently enough for several gambling sites around the MMA blogosphere to start laying out the betting lines for what could be the biggest fight in WMMA history. If it ever happens.

Currently, the women’s bantamweight champion is listed between a -160 to -170 favorite over the former featherweight champ on various sports gambling sites. Sure, Cristiane hasn’t fought in nearly a year since she was stripped of her title for a positive steroids test, and Ronda hasn’t met a challenger with anywhere near the kind of devastating knockout power that Cyborg possesses, but who are we to judge the motives of our cyber-bookie overlords?

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There is also the fact that Strikeforce might not even be around to host the fight when Cyborg’s suspension is lifted, but we have a feeling a certain brash, bald gentleman will be more than willing to oversee things in their absence. The question is, will the UFC be able to top the kind of sexified promos that Strikeforce was able to churn out? Now that Cyborg has devoted her free time to prettying herself up, we would almost be willing to play along with th…

…I’m sorry, I couldn’t even finish typing that sentence without bursting into laughter. Then vomiting. So what do you think of these odds, Potato Nation? Are they on point? Off base? Who gives a flying fuck? It’s a slow news day, so pity us and don’t pick the obvious one.

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-J. Jones