UFC welterweight champion Georges “Rush” St.Pierre was snubbed again at this years ESPN ESPY awards.   This was GSP second ESPY nomination in the category of Best Fighter the first was in 2008, however GSP was beat out by boxing star Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

In 2009 Anderson “The Spider” Silva, and Lyoto “The Dragon Machida” were nominated for best fighter but ended up losing out to boxing once again the award went to Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao.

Which leaves us with GSP’s second nomination for the best fighter category, would he finally be recognized for his accomplishments, hard work, dedication to his craft? NO! History would repeat its self as the award went to Floyd Mayweather again.

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Although MMA has been crushing boxing in PPV’s and boxing being on the decline with MMA on the rise in popularity it appears the voters for these awards still don’t acknowledge the athletes that reside in MMA or refuse to acknowledge MMA as an equal sport with boxing or any other sport as well.

Frankie “The Answer” Edgar was also nominated for an ESPY for the category of best upset for his win over BJ “The Prodigy” Penn at UFC 112.  He is the first mixed martial artist to be nominated outside of the best fighter category.  He was beat out by NCAA Basketball Iowa over Kansas, The University of Hawaii Softball team over Alabama, and 110th ranked Y.E. Yang victory in the 2009 PGA Tour Championship.

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In my opinion especially Edgar’s nomination competition, embarrassing, and blatant disrespect towards the MMA community. Edgar taking a back seat to college team upsets where the roster is completely overhauled every four year, and it’s not even the same players defending their NCAA ranked status.  Penn and Edgar dedicated their careers to get where there at, and establish their rankings.  If anything it shows the world is slow to except change, and slow to except MMA as a professional and legitimate sport.

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Source: MMAjunkie