Glover Teixeira explains why he declined UFC 282 replacement fight, “Felt a little disrespected” by the UFC brass

Glover Teixeira UFC 282

UFC 282 has been through carnage in the past day. The UFC light heavyweight championship was on the line between Jiri Prochazka and Glover Teixeira. Prochazka dropped out the fight due to a severe injury and vacated his title. Top-ranked light heavyweight fighters Jan Blachowicz and Magomedov Ankalaev will now headline UFC 282 for the vacant championship.

However, Glover Teixeira was offered the UFC title fight against Magomedov Ankalaev but declined the proposal. In an interview, the Brazilian fighter explained that he needs more time. He said:

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“I told them I needed more time for this guy [Ankalaev], that he has a different style. The guy is a southpaw. I said, ‘What about fighting him in Brazil?’ [at UFC 284 in January]. They denied that and said they needed someone to fight in Vegas. I said, ‘OK, I’ll fight Jan [Blachowicz] in Vegas. If you’re going to throw me off, Jan has a regular stance. Ankalaev is a totally different game. I need more time.” [Transcript courtesy of MMA Insight]

Glover Teixeira felt disrespected by the UFC

Brazil’s Teixeira explained that he was willing to fight a replacement at UFC 282 but not Ankalaev, instead, he wished to face the former champion Jan Blachowicz. Teixeira has been an active fighter in the UFC since 2012 and is a former UFC light heavyweight champion, given how long he’s been working with the organization he had assumed he had built up more goodwill with them.

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In another interview, Glover Teixeira explained his treatment from UFC brass, he said:

“I felt a little disrespected. Given everything I’ve done for this company. I’m a bit sad about this whole situation. Why wouldn’t they let me fight Jan? It’s two old timers fighting again, but it would sell more than this Ankalaev fight. We’re two heavy-hitters. It would sell more for sure, no disrespect to Ankalaev. He’s just not that well-known here in America. Maybe he is in Russia, I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t understand these things that they do.” [Transcript courtesy of MMA Insight]

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