Gegard Mousasi Believes Rafael Lovato Jr. Was On PEDs

Gegard Mousasi believes
Bellator MMA

Gegard Mousasi doesn’t think Rafael Lovato Jr. was fighting clean during their bout at Bellator 223.

Lovato took home the Bellator middleweight title after a close bout with Mousasi last month. Speaking on the Vechtersbazen Podcast, Mousasi said he believes Lovato was on performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) for the contest, and told the commission as much beforehand (via MMA Junkie):

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“I should have won this match even with him using PEDs,” Mousasi said. “I told the commission that it’s clear that he was on PEDs,” Mousasi said. “(The commissioner) gave me a pat on the shoulder and told me that he was going to get tested on fight day and walked away.

“I have also sent Scott Coker a text, because I saw a picture of (Lovato Jr.) that did not look natural,” Mousasi said. “He told me that he would get back at me and call me. I didn’t hear anything back.”

Should Mousasi not get an immediate rematch with Lovato, the former UFC star believes a matchup with Lyoto Machida is on the horizon, another fighter with links to PED usage:

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“If the rematch (with Lovato Jr.) isn’t coming, Machida will probably be next. Another PED user,” Mousasi said. “Brazilians are known for using PEDs. Americans, too, but especially Brazilians.”

What do you think about Mousasi’s claims that Lovato was on PEDs for their fight?