The United States Olympic gold medalist wrestler Gable Steveson is one of the more well-known Olympic wrestlers in the world.

It hasn’t taken long for people to talk about his potential in a variety of ventures, including MMA/UFC, WWE, and even the NFL.

So much so that even the betting website Bovada has already released hypothetical odds for Steveson vs the top heavyweights in the world.

As you can see the odds are as follows:

Ciryl Gane (-300) vs. Gable Steveson (+235)
Francis Ngannou (-400) vs. Gable Steveson (+300)
Jon Jones (-325) vs. Gable Steveson (+250)
Stipe Miocic (-300) vs. Gable Steveson (+235)
Derrick Lewis (-105) vs. Gable Steveson (-115)
Brock Lesnar (-145) vs. Gable Steveson (+120)

A lot of these odds stick out and are intriguing, but the most eye-opening might be the hypothetical Derrick Lewis matchup where Steveson is a slight -115 favorite despite the face he has zero training in MMA.

When asked about his future ventures, the 21-year old Steveson explained how well he thinks he’d do in the UFC.

“Most definitely, I’m a fight fan,” Steveson told MMA Fighting. “Who wouldn’t want to be the baddest man on the planet? Who wouldn’t want to hold that UFC championship belt? I’m holding the gold medal and I’m the baddest wrestler on the planet. Why wouldn’t I want to go out there and be the baddest UFC heavyweight champion? I sent that tweet out to Dana. I’m sure he saw it, I’m sure someone from his desk got a hold of him. But like I said, all options will be open.

“I do believe that with my wrestling skills and me putting on some striking skills, I can be the champion in less than 18 months. I can go out there and dominate my way through the heavyweight field.”

How do you feel about Steveson being favored over Lewis? Will Steveson fight in the UFC one day?