Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar is primed for a big return to the Octagon.

‘The Answer’ has been out of action since a decision win over Cub Swanson at last April’s UFC New Jersey. He was scheduled to face Chan Sung Jung in the main event of last November’s UFC Denver, but a torn biceps forced him out of the bout.

The unfortunate exit capped off a tumultuous year for the iron-willed warrior from Toms River, N.J. Earlier last year, Edgar was scheduled for a title fight against current 145-pound champion Max Holloway at UFC 222 in March 2018. When ‘Blessed’ was forced out due to a leg injury, Edgar accepted a short-notice bout with top contender Brian Ortega. He would lose the fight by knockout, the first time he had ever been finished in his career.

Edgar soon rebounded with a decision win over Swanson. It wasn’t the greatest performance of his career considering he had dominated and finished Swanson in their first fight four years prior. But he still thinks he’s deserving of the next title shot regardless.

Everybody Knows?

Now ready to return, Edgar told he believes his body of work is enough to return to another shot at gold. He even thinks everybody knows that:

“I think everybody knows it should go to me. Even the guys who want the shot, you [hear] them say, ‘Well, I know Frankie should get it, but…’ You know? Alexander Volkanovski is fighting Jose Aldo in a few weeks and that may have an impact, but I think everybody knows it’s me. I’ve worked my entire career for it to be me.”

Edgar also believes the UFC rewards those who step up on short notice. That seems to happen for some fighters, others not so much. He put his title shot on the line at UFC 222 and it didn’t pay off. That’s something he’s done his whole career, he said, and he’s ready to finally reap the reward:

“The fact I put it on the line the last time Max and I were supposed to meet up, that holds some weight. I know the UFC likes to reward people who are willing to just let it fly. I’ve done that my whole career. I’m ready for that reward.”

Took A Risk

Edgar then showed a bit more emotion than we’re usually used to seeing from the normally stoic ‘Answer.’ He’s not going to start talking a bunch of trash, because that isn’t him. Edgar also knows he’s only on a one-fight win streak, but it’s more about the risk he took:

“I want this f—ing fight,” Edgar said. “I’m not really the guy who’s going to go out of his way to create buzz. It’s not my style. It seems that’s the style everybody is going with. It would be kind of cheesy for me to start now.

“I know I’m only on a one-fight win streak, but people do realize that I took a risk and went for it. And I’d do it again, because that’s the kind of guy I am.”

The Next Title Fight

Overall, Edgar has undoubtedly been one of the most consistent fighters in the UFC throughout his entire decorated career. He’s taken on anyone at anytime, a testament to his fighting will. The fact he was a lightweight champion while now being considered a smaller featherweight shows that grit and determination. The only knock on Edgar might be his inconsistent record in recent title fights. He lost to Aldo for the interim belt in his last one at UFC 200.

And he’ll potentially face no easy opponent in ‘Blessed.’ Yet while Holloway has been nothing short of dominant at 145 pounds, he did lose to the bigger fighter in Dustin Poirier at UFC 236 last weekend. Edgar acknowledged Poirier’s bulk played a big part in the win. Because of that, he didn’t learn much from “The Diamond’s” gameplan considering he’s a different kind of fighter:

“I was wondering how Max would do with a guy who was bigger and you saw in the fight Dustin was bigger. Max had the height on him, but Dustin’s weight was a big part of that win. Max couldn’t push him back the way he’s pushed some other guys. I learned a little bit here and there but not much. I’m a different fighter than Dustin.”