Frank Mir Talks About â

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Only days removed from Frank Mir’s WTF comments regarding the life of Brock Lesnar (which were likely met by a few thousand ‘oh that’s no good, that’s no good at all…’), the former champion will now look ahead to his upcoming March 27th bout with Shane Carwin; yeah, remember him? The dude whose enormous fists could take out three dudes with one shot?

In a recent interview with MMA Weekly, Mir didn’t discuss the Lesnar drama, but after explaining why he smack talked the hell out of Cheick Kongo (which includes Mir’s contention that Kongo may in fact have the worst ground skills in the UFC…this is what Frank said Cheick, not us…), he moved on to Carwin. But just like Mir’s past comments regarding his next opponent, the outspoken heavyweight continues to offer very little in the way of ‘constructive criticism’.

“In the Shane Carwin fight, honestly it’s not that I’m down playing anything or not trying to get into his head. I’m looking for different angles and honestly to my disadvantage, he doesn’t have a lot of fight time on footage. He stays pretty reserved, and in a lot of ways he’s a likeable guy. He’s a tough competitor. He keeps himself kind of on the straight path. There’s really nothing bad for me to say about him.”

Huh. Nothing to work with there really, and considering Carwin has spent less than 4 minutes combined in the Octagon bombing out 3 opponents, we understand Frank’s comments regarding ‘footage.’ Should be a dandy.

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