Heavyweight legend Frank Mir has revealed he is currently a free agent and is open to offers to fight or commentate.

Mir last fought at Bellator 231 in October 2019. The former UFC champion beat Roy Nelson via unanimous decision to snap a four-fight losing streak. The victory was the first for Mir in over four years, his last win came against Todd Duffee all the way back in July 2015.

Speaking on the “Phone Booth Fighting” podcast, Mir said he has come to terms for his release from Bellator despite having one fight left on his contract. The 40-year-old is now hoping to field offers for fighting and commentary, he said.

“Basically I had a good conversation with Scott Coker,” he said. “(I’m) still going to have a fight with them, just because there’s a fight left on my fight contract. Scott was very easy to talk to about it – their company’s shut down, he hasn’t even left his house in three weeks – so, once they start up, there’s going to be a backlog of fights because they have so many fighters on their roster.

“So now I’m basically, not basically, I am a free agent. Even though I would still do fights for Bellator, I’m not beholden to any contract to anybody now. So I can try out the free market and see whoever opens up to fighting first.”

“It has always been a dream of mine to fight in Japan,” he admitted. “I remember watching the old PRIDEs back in the day, and RIZIN looks like they have a card coming up in August. So now I’m opened up to where now I can actually start talking to other companies and seeing where to go, which is great for commentary stuff, as I know before being exclusive fight-wise with Bellator I think hurt me as far as maybe commentating for the UFC. So maybe it’ll open up that avenue to where I could start commentary for UFC fights again and other organizations.”

“Through the social media and through the show, I’ll put it out there that now I’m a free agent,” he said. “It’s not impossible to get a hold of me. Just DM me on my Instagram or send me a message through Facebook, I’m going to get it.

“But as far as me right now hounding guys down, I don’t know. I’m just under the impression that most people will have much bigger issues right now than signing me. So right now, it’ll be slow until once I see the quarantines lift and we get on the downside of the bell curve and life starts picking up like it does. Then I’ll probably be more adamant about being on the phone and making contact with guys. But right now, I guess I’ll just do a passive approach, let it be known that I’m out there and I’m available, but I’m not going to be blowing up anybody’s mailboxes right now.”

“KSW looks like a phenomenal show,” he enthused. “Man, their production value is crazy. They have some interesting fights over there in the heavyweight division.” (Transcribed by MMA Junkie)

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