Francisco Trinaldo Outpoints John Makdessi – UFC Brasilia Results

Trinaldo Makdessi
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Kicking off the UFC Brasilia main card is a lightweight bout between Francisco Trinaldo and John Makdessi.

Round 1: Trinaldo is the aggressor early on. Makdessi responds with some kicks. But it’s Trinaldo landing the bigger shots. The Brazilian has been advancing throughout the round. Trinaldo misses a spinning wheel kick. Makdessi lands a body kick. Trinaldo is winning most of the exchanges. The round ends as the two fist bump each other.

Round 2: Trinaldo is the aggressor again. He misses a spinning wheel kick. Makdessi lands a leg kick. Trinaldo lands a 1-2 combo followed by a body kick. Trinaldo lands a big body kick soon after. Trinaldo lands a head kick but it doesn’t fully connect as Makdessi brushes it off. Makdessi remains on the backfoot though he is landing strikes of his own, mainly leg kicks. Trinaldo ends the round missing a cartwheel kick to the head.

Round 3: Makdessi misses a high kick. Trinaldo blocks a head kick. This is a much more even round. Makdessi has been more effective defensively. A lot of blocked strikes in this round. Trinaldo misses a flying knee. Trinaldo lands a nice uppercut. Makdessi responds with a kick to the stomach. Trinaldo lands a head kick but not with the desire impact. The two are more aggressive in the last 45 seconds.

Official result: Francisco Trinaldo defeats John Makdessi via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

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