Round 1:

Miller misses a hook but Trinaldo lands one of his own. The pair then exchange hooks again before Trinaldo pushes the pace. Miller catches a kick and throws a bit punch, but after a scramble Trinaldo is in top position on the ground in Miller’s half guard. Trinaldo tries for some ground-and-pound but it’s defended well so he lets Miller stand up. A leg kick for Miller lands but he eats some shots from Trinaldo.

A nice left hand lands for Miller and he shoots in on a takedown and gets it. Miller is in full guard but can’t do much with it as Trinaldo holds him down. Miller is able to break from Trinaldo’s grip and land a nice shot before Trinaldo starts throwing elbows from bottom.

Trinaldo again grips Miller down and prevents him from getting off any offense. The ref has seen enough and stands it up again. A flying knee lands for Trinaldo but Miller presses him against the cage to end the round.

Round 2:

Trinado counters with a nice hook to Miller’s chin and he follows it up with another big hook. A nice left hand lands for Trinaldo to back Miller up. Trinaldo lands a nice counter left that stuns miller a bit and now Trinaldo is pressing forward. After they clinch up Trinaldo lands a knee that forces Miller to break the clinch and back away.

Miller lands a nice hook to the body but Trinaldo lands once to the chin. After a scramble Miller tries to pull guard for a guillotine but it’s unsuccessful. Trinaldo ends up on top in half guard and throws down some nice ground-and-pound. The round comes to an end with Trinaldo reigning down elbows from the top.

Round 3:

A stiff jab from Trinaldo opens up the round. Miller misses on a leg kick but Trinaldo responds with a high-kick that just touches Miller’s chin. A hard shot from Trinaldo lands again and Miller backpedals a bit. A flying knee from Trinaldo is caught and Miller goes for a takedown, but Trinaldo works for a choke on the ground but isn’t able to get it. They stand and Trinaldo pours on the offense as Miller is noticeably exhausted.

Trinaldo is connecting to Miller’s face with ease and now has him against the cage. A kick is caught by Trinaldo and he takes down Miller again. Now in Miller’s full guard Trinaldo throws elbows from the top. Hammer fists land for Trinaldo from the top as well but he continues to drop more elbows. The round comes to an end.

Official Result: Francisco Trinaldo def. Jim Miller via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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