Four Reasons Brock Lesnar Shouldn’t Be Fighting Mark Hunt

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Brock Lesnar 2

‘Easier’ Fights

There are of course no easy fights in the UFC, but for a guy like Lesnar who’s strengths lay on the opposite side of the striking game in general, there are perhaps many more ‘attractive’ fights for the WWE superstar that don’t include Mark Hunt. One glance at the current heavyweight rankings will tell you that pretty much everyone has better striking than Lesnar, but it’s the UFC, they could have brought anyone in and made it a marketable fight.

After all, it’s Brock Lesnar, the very man that paved the way to the UFC’s biggest PPV hit of that generation, the already wildly popular sports star who could effortlessly bring millions of eyeballs to the UFC’s screens. Why put him against someone who possesses that overly dangerous striking game, or maybe that’s the whole point?

And finally…