Floyd Mayweather is unsurprisingly making bank against Logan Paul.

The future boxing hall of famer meets the YouTuber in an eight-round exhibition boxing match which takes place later tonight at the Hard Rock stadium in Miami, Florida.

Despite most observers knowing who will likely come out on top — barring one of the biggest upsets of all time — there is still mainstream interest from the public as well as combat sports fans.

All that contributes to the earnings of both fighters with Mayweather even claiming he’s already made $30 million just from the buildup alone.

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And when it’s fight night? He expects to make upwards of $100 million.

“I was the first one to cross over in boxing and MMA,” Mayweather told TMZ (via Middle Easy). “That [Conor] McGregor fight was lucrative. I was able to make $350 million in like what, 28 minutes? Something like that, I don’t know the exact number.

“For the buildup so far [against Paul], I made somewhere upwards of $30 million. … Of course [I’ll make more on fight night]. Between $50 and $100 million. Not bad, not bad! Not bad for the Mayweathers.”

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Mayweather is certainly confident as while the Paul fight is a win-win in his eyes, it will always be a no-win in the eyes of his critics and naysayers.

“To me, it’s a win-win but I’m in a no-win because if I knock him out fast in the 1st round, they’re gonna be like ‘Aw man this wasn’t worth it.’ If I let it go a few rounds and drag it out, they’re gonna be like, ‘aw man, he let a YouTuber hang in it for a few rounds’. But it is what it is,” Mayweather said.

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“We’re gonna have some fun on Sunday. Something different, something new. And I can’t wait.”

It’s certainly good to be Floyd Mayweather.

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