Firas Zahabi Explains Why Fans Shouldn’t Have High Expectations For Khabib vs. McGregor

Firas Zahabi Explains

Firas Zahabi explains why fight fans shouldn’t believe that Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor will be the greatest fight that they have ever seen. Make no mistake about it though, it will be one of the biggest fights that the UFC has every booked on the pay-per-view.

The former UFC lightweight and featherweight champ will challenge the current UFC lightweight champ for the strap at UFC 229.

Firas Zahabi Explains

The Tristar coach recently did a podcast where he gave his thoughts on various topics including this fight that does down in over a month. The renowned coach went on record by stating that this title bout won’t be competitive at all.

“What I’m doubting, what I don’t see very likely is a seesaw battle,” Zahabi said (H/T to Bloody Elbow). “Where there’s a lot of stand up, then they hit the ground, then they get back up, and they’re striking and they’re wrestling, and it’s a back-and-forth battle where it’s coming down the last round — that, I don’t see.

“I don’t see a very competitive fight even though these two fighters are great phenomal competitors,” he said. “The only reason I don’t see it that way is not because one fighter is more skilled than the other. No, far from it. The only reason I do see it this way — a one-sided victory — it’s purely because of their styles. McGregor’s style is completely opposite to Khabib’s.”

The Follow Up

The UFC 229 pay-per-view event is slated to take place on Saturday, October 6, 2018 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main card will air on pay-per-view at 10 p.m. ET while the preliminary card will air on FOX Sports 1 at 8 p.m. ET and the promotion’s streaming service, UFC Fight Pass.

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Zahabi would continue by stating that the times that they fought out of character gave an interesting insight into their skills. First, when the UFC lightweight champion was jabbing and out-striking Al Iaquinta at UFC 223. Second, when McGregor was trying to dirty box with Nate Diaz and Max Holloway. According to the coach, he feels that they should be sticking to their strengths in this upcoming title fight.

“If Khabib tries to pick and poke at McGregor from afar with that jab, that would really really surprise me,” he said. “If McGregor tries to dirty box with Khabib, that would really surprise me, because any tie ups with Khabib will probably result with McGregor being put on his back.

“So I think they’re gonna be really on their game plan that night. It’s going play their game for real, the way they really play it. That’s McGregor at a distance, sniping, and that’s Khabib up-close, in personal, tying up, clinching.

“It’s going to be a blowout either way. Either Khabib is going to win and it’s going to seem lopsided… Khabib is going to take him down and maul him, or McGregor is going to catch him on his way in and knock him out. It’s going to happen one way or another.”