Fighter Wins Two-On-One Bout Handily At Polish Event Prime MMA

Prime MMA

Polish mixed martial arts organization, Prime MMA hosted their first event last weekend, featuring yet another 2-1 bout – this time between two YouTube content creators and an actor.

The promotion hosted their first event in Lodz, Poland – featuring nine mixed martial arts bouts and a pair of professional boxing matches.

Over the course of the last 18 months, events in both Poland and Russia have begun fielding rather bizarre and controversial 2-1 fights, featuring two competitors taking on a sole opponent, and in many instances, intergender fights featuring two males and a single female competitor.

Prime MMA is a newly founded mixed martial arts promotion with headquarters based in Lodz, Poland

Receiving mass flak and criticizm as a result, Prime MMA hosted a 2-1 bout featuring a pair of YouTubers reality television stars, Jakub Lasik, and Rafal Pazik – and actor, Alan Kwiecinski – who was billed as the “face of the organization”. 

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In the opening frame of the bout at Prime MMA, Kwiecinski managed to score knockdowns on both Lasik and Pazik, with the referee beginning the count for the felled duo. 

Landing a high-kick, Kwiecinski dropped his first opponent before then landing a second knockdown on his second foe, courtesy of a glancing counter shot upon entry. 

Despite the fact Kwiecinski scored the victory against both opponents in the two-on-one matchup at Prime MMA, the former held a rather significant weight advantage over both Lasik and Pazik during and pre-fight. 

A Russian mixed martial arts event, Epic Fighting Championships also received mass criticizm earlier this month, after it hosted another highly-scrutinised two-on-one mixed martial arts bout, featuring a grandfather competing against his grandson in an intergender clash against a female competitor. 

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The same event also featured another criticized freak show fight featuring a super heavyweight fighting against a flyweight female in another intergender showcase, as part of a growing trend of both freak show and intergender bouts in the region.