Spreading MMA Fighters With Our Community


Hello Lowkick Community I am writing this becuase, I have purchased, and read both BJ Penn‘s, and Tito Ortiz‘s biographys. I read them, and had a desire to spread the books around so other members can learn about the personal history, and inner working of mma that all might not be familiar with. I have already started it but I want to make it more public include everyone, and anyone else who wants to partipate. I mailed BJ’s book to someone on the west coast it cost me like 4 dollars (US). Me personally with my books i want who ever read it to sign their user name and City/State/Country on the inside of the book to see just how far my book has traveled.  I already have planned with another member once i recieve BJ’s book back to mail it to him, and he will be mailing me Griffen’s book to read. I also have Tito’s book available to go out. This is the idea note you do not need a book to exchange for another but if you have something to contribute It would greatly help.

With the support of Lowkick, I am looking for responsible members who are willing to partipate, and have respect for other peoples property trying to keep the book in the best condition they can, and can afford small shipping cost. It will be somewhat of an honor system so if you are looking to steal someones book then please don’t even particpate. If the owner lends you his book to read have the honor to mail it back the that person when you are done. I can’t garuantee the safety of your book, but if your like me once I have read it, the book just collects dust, I would rather contribute to others knowledge.

Im am posting this because at this point i want to compose a list of who, and what they are willing to share, also who is interested in partipating in this program. Communication is key for this, I hope for a positive response, and open members who are willing to learn I learned alot from BJ, and Tito insider things I never knew about mma. Im sure i don’t even know half the books out their. So please reply below of what you a willing to contribute for reading material if you are comfourtable with sharing your books, and anyone else that wants to particpate, that is honest, and responsible please comment below, and pm just to make sure i get all of the information correct. Even if i don’t get alot of contributors I will continue to lend my books out. So don’t be shy speak up, and be honest.

To recap this post is to get a list of what resources we have, and who wants to particpate, I want to put togeather the list of whats available in hopes to better keep track of everything.

Thank you For your Time

David S. A222G