Fedor Emelianenko Confirms Negotiations With UFC Are Underway

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Former Pride FC heavyweight champion and MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko recently shocked the MMA world when he unveiled plans to return to fighting after three years away from the cage, and shortly thereafter, his longtime manager Vadim Finkelchtein took things to an even more unexpected level by stating that there was a ‘good chance’ Fedor would sign with the UFC after years of discord between the two sides.

Although the prospect of Emelianenko fighting in the UFC has been repeatedly discussed, speculative plans of him fighting former UFC champ Brock Lesnar in Dallas Cowboys Stadium fell apart when White and M-1 Global could not come to an agreement.

However, it appears that may all be coming to an end, as ‘The Last Emperor’ himself spoke up during a recent Q&A session at a youth forum in his native Russia (via Bloody Elbow) to reveal that he is indeed negotiating with the UFC after hinting he would like a rematch with his old rival, current UFC heavyweight kingpin Fabricio Werdum:

“Now this is being negotiated, in particular with the UFC, as well as some other promotions. I think it will soon be finally determined. As for the opponent, I would say that desire must comply opportunities. I would like to face the strongest fighters in the world – UFC champion Fabricio Werdum. Given that over three years, I did not fight during the first fight I would like to get involved, check for myself.”

The all-time great went on to say that after he returned home from the youth forum where he continued to spread his knowledge of martial arts, he would begin training to get into shape for his comeback bout:

“So now I’ll regain my shape after returning from “Mashuk” [youth forum] and will then begin a scheduled training camp.”

So it appears that the stage is set for ‘The Last Emperor’ to make an unexpected return to MMA, and this time it could be in the UFC. Do you think the 38-year-old would have a solid chance against ‘Vai Cavalo’ at this point in his career?


  1. I think Werdum has improved a lot since the first fight and Fedor has been off a while. I like Fedor, but I doubt he could beat Werdum.

  2. Fedor is a legend and all…

    But he cannot seriously expect to come off a 3 year layoff and fight for a title in his UFC debut. A rematch with Bigfoot would be a lot more realistic.

  3. I think Fedor has as good as a chance as the rest of the top 5 for dethrowning werdum.

    All those guys can end a fight as soon as it starts. Werdum beat Cain but I doubt he could do it again. ..be it ring rust or not a proper training camp, I’d expect Cain to take the belt back.

    I still see the top 2 heavyweights as JDS and Cain. Outside of those two the heavyweight division is pretty close and Fedor would be right in the mix.

    • You say this based on what?

      He’s 38 and hasn’t competed in over 3 years. He also has 38 pro mma fights and has taken a lot of punishment throughout his career. The last time he faced a top level heavyweight was against Bigfoot Silva over 4 years ago and he got absolutely smashed.

      You could be right but it seems very unlikely.

      • Regardless if he wants any credibility it’s in the ufc…time will tell.

        I just find the hw division to be as weak as it was when randy took it over again.

        JDS has looked like a less seasoned Mark hunt…Mir, arlovski, Bigfoot are all glass jaws. Warmachine is outdated.

        It just seems like the only hw who are relavent are the ones who haven’t taken head trama. I’d say at this point in time Cormier could probably beat 90% of the division on any given day.

        So to count out a guy who can still throw bombs just doesn’t make any sense. I’d say Fedor has as good of a shot as the rest of them.

  4. Fedor will steam rolled some of this guys of today! The Reem,Arlovski,…he can beat BigFoot(heck Duffee can beat BigFoot!) he just didn’t performed that night….not so sure about Werdum nowadays since Vai Cavallo as improved so much….would love to see him fight Cain and Junior! we all know that regardless of what happens we are pumped about this and we all know whoever he fights we are in for a treat because it will be a WAR for the ages!!! a fight with Mark Hunt is a must!!!!

  5. I would say give him a no ranked HW or a top 15 ranked, to see how it goes. Im saying this not for lacking respect for Fedor but because 3-4 years is a long time without fighting and the sport as evolved a lot, so I would rather see him fight 2 times before giving him one of the top HW in the division!

    Personally, I would love to see him build some steam and then fight either Arlovski or JDS, stylistically thous are great fights IMO!

    • Who told you Bigfoot was a Steroid Junkie?

      He was on TRT, and he looks the way he does becasue he’s got a glandular problem from birth.

      If anybody might have had a legit reason for TRT it was Bigfoot.

      • I’m pretty sure his body also produces an abnormal test rate to begin with….the guy looks more fitted for fighting sabertooth tigers


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