Fans condemn Nate Marquardt’s wildly homophobic tweet directed at ESPN on Saturday night

Nate Marquardt

If Nate Marquardt still had any fans out there, he likely lost them on Saturday night after casually delivering a homophobic anti-LGBTQ tweet.

Like many MMA fans, Nate Marquardt appeared to be enjoying a night of fights as the UFC presented its latest offering from The APEX in Las Vegas. However, it wasn’t any of the evening’s results that triggered an irrational response from the former middleweight title challenger. Instead, Marquardt went into full-blown panic mode when his children apparently caught a glimpse of two grown adult males engaging in a consensual kiss during a commercial break. Marquardt’s antiquated views on love and lack of general human decency forced him to do what has become the norm in recent years; complain about it on Twitter.

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“Wow disgusting commercial watching @ESPNPlus with my kids and have to tell them to look away so they don’t see two men kissing! @ufc @espn #barf #disgusting,” Marquardt tweeted.

Fans Respond to Nate Marquardt’s Ignorant Comments on Twitter

Nate Marquardt doubled down on his initial tweet and continues to do so, engaging with other Twitter users who were understandably disgusted by his ignorant comment. When one user suggested Marquardt allow his children to decide who they are for themselves rather than cramming his anti-gay rhetoric down their throats, Marquardt responded by calling homosexuality a “rebellion to God.”

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“That is some twisted thinking. You are in rebellion to your Creator. God made man and woman to go together. It’s obvious. Homosexuality is rebellion to God. That’s why it is disgusting. It’s not natural and it’s obviously wrong and bad for society, eg. HIV, AIDS, psycholgcal,etc”

Other users responding on Twitter were a little more scathing with their replies, one suggesting that maybe Marquardt is hiding some deep personal feelings with his anti-gay agenda.

“This is the kind message that KKK members pass down to their kids to make them racist like their parents. Maybe you are hiding behind religion to suppress your own feelings, you have spent more then half your life rolling around with sweaty men!”

Another Twitter user echoed similar sentiments tweeting, “100% Most people that talk like this have serious skeletons in their closet.”

Other users decided to take a dig at Nate Marquardt’s history of banned substances during the peak of his UFC career.

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“The irony of you talking about things that are “not natural” considering you got caught cheating using steroids.”

“Quotes the Bible when degrading consenting adults. Forgets the Bible when taking drugs for an unfair & illegal deadly advantage in competition. A sick cheater who could have killed someone judging people for who they want to love. A massive hypocrite & Cafeteria Christian.”