Fan opinion:Josh Koscheck vs Paul Daley fight breakdown.

The 32 year old American Josh Koscheck is 5ft10in and weighs in at 170lbs with a reach of 73 inches and a record of 16-4(5ko,6sub). He holds a brown belt in BJJ, was an NCAA division 1 champion in 2001 and is a member of The American Kickboxing Academy. He fights in the orthodox stance.

Englishman Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley who is the younger of the two men, at 27, is 5ft9in and weighs in at 172lbs with a reach of 74 inches. He holds a purple belt in BJJ and is versed in Muay Thai, Wrestling and Boxing. He trains at Team Rough House and fights in the orthodox stance.

My fight breakdowns are predictions on how I think the fight will go based on the fighter’s training histories, Records(example KO or submission wins or losses and how many) and how I feel the styles may contrast. Please don’t bet your savings on what I write and feel free to comment or tweet me as I will only be posting these articles on

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So on to the game plans. I think Josh Koscheck will want to man handle the younger more explosive Daley. Josh has good round game which has seen him submit Pete Spratt, Jonothan Goulet and Anthony Johnson among others. Although he has won five of his fights by knockout and has only been knocked out once, against Paulo Thiago, I feel that Josh will want to use his Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu skills against a noted knock out artist like Paul Daley.

Now to Daley: I think that Paul will want to keep this fight standing. He does have one win by submission, against Paul Jenkins in Cage Rage, but it was a verbal submission due to strikes and he has lost five fights due to submission. He has scored knockout victories over such fighters as Martin Kampmann, Mark weir, Duane Ludwig and Dustin Hazelett among others so he will want to use his heavy hands in the stand up. If the fight does go to the ground we know that he can work with BJJ and wrestling. We also know that he has a solid chin, having seen him in many of his fights take some big shots, another reason to force the stand up.

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How I feel the styles may contrast is that we will see Koscheck trying to force the wrestling and Daley trying to stand and strike against his opponent. Although Koscheck can stand and fight I don’t think we will see that here. So grappler vs striker match is what I think will happen here.

Now for the prediction:

Round 1-Josh Koscheck will come out extending his jab keeping the aggressor, Daley, at bay. Daley will be looking for the angles to land heavy strikes. Look for Daley to use strong leg kicks and body kicks as he tries to find his range. I expect Josh to go for the takedown early on in the round and if he succeeds we will see him drop some ground and pound. As Kos moves to improve position we will see Daley fight well off his back and the fight will become standing again. ‘Semtex’ will want to get some good shots in before the rounds end and we will see big hooks and body punching as the round finishes.

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Round 2-Daley will know that he lost the first round and will not want the fight to go to the ground again. I expect Daley to go all out and throw everything he has at Koscheck. I don’t think Kos will have the tools to deal with Daley’s raw power and the fight will come to and end after some big knee’s and hooks to the body and head of TUF veteran. 2nd round TKO victory to Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley.

Some information sourced from Wikipedia. All comparisons and predictions original.