Video – Fan gets brutally KO’d after a massive brawl breaks out in the crowd at UFC Mexico City

Massive brawl at UFC Mexico

Fans inside Arena CDMX for the UFC’s return to Mexico weren’t content with just watching some fights go down.

Just before the decision was read for Saturday’s main card opener between Manuel Torres and Chris Duncan was announced, a massive melee broke out among fans in the stands. One particularly hefty individual who was involved in the skirmish impressively dispatched two of the other brawlers with a stiff left hand, sending one of them tumbling backward down the arena stairs.

With the crowd clearly distracted, Torres attempted to de-escalate the situation on the microphone following his first-round submission win via rear-naked choke.

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It is uncertain what led to the scuffle, but with the arena pretty much packed full by the time the second preliminary bout started, an unhealthy amount of testosterone mixed with a few too many cervezas likely played a role.

Perhaps even more shocking was the complete absence of security as no less than 10 people decided to put on their own version of Street Beefs in the middle of a UFC event.