MMA & BJJ legend Fabricio Werdum targets combat sports return, but in Boxing 

Fabricio Werdum
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Former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum is hinting at a potential comeback at 45 years old, but with larger gloves and a ring instead of an octagon. Although Werdum has publicly announced his MMA retirement, he is hungry to start a new venture in boxing.  

Former UFC Heavyweight King Fabricio Werdum Talks About Stepping into the Ring Instead of the Octagon 

After conducting an interview with Combate, Werdum expressed his interest and commitment to building a career in boxing.  After spending quality time training with the Olympic Boxing team of Brazil, Werdum spoke on how the training experience was a unique and eye-opening chance to sharpen his skills in boxing.  

Werdum stated that: “It was a unique experience. I have never had an experience of training with professionals, the experience it all day long. I learned to move, the tricks in the right feeling, the feints. It was better than I expected. I worked hard, I dedicated myself. A month ago I was 122kg, now I am 113kg. I’m dedicating myself a lot.”

One burning question is who could Fabricio Werdum face in his first boxing match? He is 45 years old now and his last time competing in MMA was in May 2021. Time away and age are always major factors when competing in combat sports, but if anyone can find success it would be a champion on the level of Fabricio Werdum.

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Who Could Fabricio Werdum Step into the Ring with for his Boxing Debut? 

During Werdum’s interview with Combate he discussed who he would like as an opponent. Without mentioning any names specifically Werdum said that: “I would like to fight a guy my age, from the same generation. Fighting a guy in his twenties isn’t my purpose, it’s a super fight. Even though I’m very young mentally, I haven’t broken anything, I haven’t had any serious injuries, (age) will make a difference. If I can choose between someone from MMA or boxing, I’ll choose someone from MMA, who’s coming from the same sport as me.”  

Being very conscious of his age, Werdum is taking a very smart and strategic approach to starting his boxing career. There are many potential matches that the MMA legend can accept, but for someone with a career as memorable as Werdum’s, he deserves not only a name that will earn him a pay-day that’s well deserved, but also an opponent that will make him work hard to show everyone how serious and dedicated he is to the sport of boxing.  

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This is a great opportunity for the former heavyweight king Fabricio Werdum to show everyone that he is an elite fighter in every aspect of fighting, but also for someone as competitive as he is to stay competing in combat sports.  

Do you think Fabricio Werdum can find success in Boxing the way he did in MMA?