This time last year, Jose “Shorty” Torres was focusing on finding a new home for his talents after being released by the UFC. Fast forward 12 months, and it appears that the 27 year-old flyweight has found not only a new home in BRAVE CF but a promotion that looks set to introduce Torres to a global audience.

Since its inception in 2016, BRAVE CF has focused on bringing MMA to new regions and introducing the sport to new fans. In 2019 the Bahrain-based promotion has staged events in countries not typically associated with MMA such as Romania, Colombia, and Jordan.

The mindset of the company is collaborative and BRAVE CF has demonstrated a willingness to work with local MMA promotions to help the sport grow.

Talking to their fighters what comes through as a common theme is that BRAVE CF is a company that believes in its athletes and has a unique vision for what MMA could become in the future.

However, this week, Torres’s only focus is on his upcoming bid to become the inaugural BRAVE CF Flyweight World Champion. The American’s clash with Brazilian Marcel Adur is set to be the main event of this week’s card.

“It’s amazing to know that I have such a big enough name, respect, and presence to headline the biggest show in Asian history. Especially in front of the IMMAF World Championships, my team, and Sheikh Khalid. I’m more than proud and extremely excited for the event! “Torres said to LowKickMMA.

BRAVE CF 29 is scheduled to take place on Friday, 15 November, inside the Khalifa Sports City Arena in Bahrain. The event is set to headline the BRAVE International Combat Week, which is Asia’s largest combat sports festival.

The decision to hold this bout on such a significant card is an indication of the faith the promotion has in both fighters to deliver an exciting contest. The bout itself should be an explosion of kinetic energy. Both men have their fair share of KO wins on their resume, Adur, in particular, is known for his KO power with 11 of his 15 victories coming via stoppage.

This fight will be the Brazilian’s second crack at the title. In 2018 at BRAVE CF 18, Adur lost to Chechen Velimurad Alkhasov. However Alkhasov was ineligible to win the title because he missed weight.

“I haven’t watched much of his [Adur] tape, but I did see him fight live for the title last year. He’s a very tough fighter with his style. He’s tall, southpaw, and aggressive, so I’m excited to give a show the fans want to see,” Torres said.

“He’s relentless, so knowing that makes me that much more excited to fight him. He’s put in the work, and even though he lost his first attempt at the title, it shows how much BRAVE respects him by giving him a second chance. It’s one I know he’ll try his best not to disappoint a second time.”

The past few weeks have been emotionally draining for Torres. Shortly after signing the contract to fight Adur, his father passed away. Torres will be dedicating his upcoming bout to the man that started him on his martial arts journey.

On a positive note, Torres has recently set up his own non-profit organization called Team Shorty Foundation. The aim of the foundation is to create a sanctuary and safe place for people going through difficulties, inside the gym.

“”It’s a huge thing for me as I love and idolize people like Manny Pacquiao who have given back. He has donated and helped so much to his country and given many people a second chance at life. I want to do the same. 

” I didn’t come up with much and using my family as an example,they were all way more talented than me but never had an opportunity to pursue their dreams as I did. Master Bob Schirmer and my family gave me the opportunity they never had, and because of martial arts, I received a second chance at life.

“I want to be able to do the same thing for others. Keeping myself in the gym and off the streets saved me from following a dark path which both my father and brother followed. So I’m using my life and accomplishments as an example of what a small opportunity can do. If this “Shorty” can do it, then why can’t you? That’s why I’m so passionate about my foundation. It’s way more than just me. It’s about the people who need and deserve it most,” Torres said.

It shows the measure of the man that even when no one would criticize him for deciding to focus solely on his career, Torres still finds time to give back to others. This past year has been a whirlwind for the Chicago native both inside and outside the cage and if he captures the flyweight title this week, it will be interesting to see what he will achieve in 2020.

“I want to be the face of BRAVE CF in the US, and it all starts on 15 November. Time will tell, but just like me, BRAVE is expanding and making people remember their name.”