Oumar Kane, or as he is more commonly referred to in MMA, Reug Reug, is set to compete in his third professional MMA on April 7th. He is set to face off against Iranian power puncher, Mehdi Barghi, at ONE on TNT I.

Reug Reug recently sat down with LowKick MMA’s Frank Bonada to discuss his MMA career as well as his future plans in the sport.

Before MMA, Oumar Kane was a Senegalese wrestling champion. Like many other practitioners of a single martial art, he made the choice to transition over the MMA. He currently holds two (T)KO finishes in two fights. He had the following to say about the move to mixed martial arts:

“I’m a young man. I know I’m from a Senegalese wrestling background. But for the kickboxing and the muay thai, I have my coach who is always with me. Trying to push me, trying to give me advice. That’s why I don’t think I’ll have problems, even in the future.”

“I’m somebody who likes combat sports. It was very important for me to practise MMA, to practise a lot of sports. If there was no MMA, maybe I would try to find another combat sports to do.”

To say Reug Reug has high aspirations for his future career would be somewhat of an understatement. The Senegalese heavyweight wishes to pick up the belt in every organisation, regardless of who the champions are. He stated the following:

“Like I used to say, I don’t have any problem fighting anyone. So all the fighters, the MMA fighters around the world, I’m ready to fight them. My goal, my main target is to get the world belt. Where ever it is, I will take it from there. From Ngannou, that champion at ONE, anywhere else. Where ever there is a world belt, I will take it. And at any time, because I am ready.

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