Iuri Lapicus is set to take on one of the most accoladed fighters in MMA history, when he faces off against Eddie Alvarez at ONE on TNT I. The Moldavan prospect holds an impressive 14-1 record, having finished every opponent he has defeated.

Speaking with LowKick MMA’s Frank Bonada, Lapicus discussed his upcoming fight with Alvarez

“Everything’s run smoothly and now I’m super pumped” said Lapicus.”I can’t wait for the fight. I don’t have to tell you what Eddie Alvarez’s strengths are. He’s a living legend of MMA and a super well-rounded athlete. I don’t see weaknesses. His main strength is of course his experience, which is top level.

Lapicus clearly holds a huge amount of respect for Alvarez’s storied career. However, he is by no means allowing him to be star stuck against such an opponent. He stated the following:

“His journey as a martial artist is simply awesome. During his career he has won in nearly every promotion he has fought in. But I see the same Eddie Alvarez who fought in Bellator and the UFC. He’s the same opponent. At ONE Championship, even if he has a defeat in his first match, I don’t see any difference. He’s a legend and a really tough opponent.”

Alvarez has recently made headlines by boldly stating that Lapicus simply does not have the experience to match him, especially in the later rounds. Lapicus had the following to say about Alvarez’s comments:

“He is totally right. The numbers speak by themselves. I don’t have his experience. But if they (ONE Championship) chose me to fight him, it means that I’ve proven something. Even if I don’t have twenty years of career. So I have the potential to overcome this challenge. I can’t wait to show Eddie Alvarez my potential.”

Whilst Lapicus is completely focused on his fight with Alvarez, there is one fight that he wants to get at some point in his career.

“I don’t want to look past my match with Alvarez. But of course if I win I think I deserve another title opportunity. Even if it will be Christian Lee or Nastyukhin. If I win it will be a great statement. I want to face Christian Lee again because I want to delete the only defeat I have. I want to prove that is was just a coincidence.”

Lapicus will face off against Alvarez on April 7. as the co-main event of ONE on TNT I.

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