Dustin Poirier Won’t Call Eddie Alvarez A Dirty Fighter, But It’s Close

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Dustin Poirier won’t call Eddie Alvarez a dirty fighter after their Octagon meeting last night (Sat. July 28, 2018) – but it’s a close call.

Poirier picked up a TKO victory over “The Underground King” in UFC on FOX 30’s main event from Calgary last night. The stoppage came shortly after Alvarez lost the mount position when he threw a 12-6 elbow that hit Poirier’s shoulder. When Poirier got back to his feet, he unleashed a hellacious fight-ending sequence that put the former lightweight champion away.

Poirier and Alvarez’s bout last night was a rematch from the pair’s initial bout back in May of last year. The fight ended when Alvarez hit Poirier with an illegal knee to the head and was ruled a no contest.

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In the UFC Calgary post-fight press conference Poirier addressed Alvarez’s antics, saying he won’t call his opponent a dirty fighter – but asks where should the line be drawn (via MMA Fighting):

”I don’t want to say somebody’s a dirty fighter,” Poirier said. “But the first fight, you kneed me; the second fight, you tried to elbow me illegally and you gave me a wet willy. We’ve got to draw the line somewhere.”

Poirier also suggested that Alvarez’s 12-6 elbow wasn’t the only illegal maneuver he was utilizing:

“The weird thing is, when I had him in the guillotine, he stuck his finger in my ear and was pulling me down and the ref warned him,” Poirier said.

”And he put his finger right back in my ear. So, this is an old dog that knows a lot of tricks.”