As far as Drakkar Klose is concerned, everything is on sight if he sees Jeremy Stephens.

Klose was set to collide with Stephens in the co-main event of UFC Vegas 24 earlier this month. However, the fight was eventually pulled when Stephens pushed an unsuspecting Klose at the weigh-ins.

Little did Stephens know that he caused Klose to have a cervical sprain of the neck due to extreme whiplash in addition to getting concussed.

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While Klose was given his show money, he wants revenge on Stephens — whether it’s inside the Octagon or not.

“I kind of want to get street justice on him. If I see him, I swear, I’m gonna get him,” Klose told MMA Fighting (via Middle Easy). “I was at my weakest point, cutting weight, and that was a cheap shot. I had my hands behind my back.

“Dude, that’s something you do when you’re afraid, they do cheap shots. And that’s what I feel he did.”

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Hopefully, we get to see them run things properly in the Octagon and that seems to be the plan with Klose looking to inflict some pain on Stephens whenever the fight is rescheduled.

“I think they’re gonna come to Phoenix, and I hope it’s in July or August because I should be good around there and I hope the UFC books this again because I’m gonna put some pain on him,” Klose added.

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“I’m gonna make that ref pull me off and I’m still gonna hit him. I’m just pissed about the whole situation. It sucks, and he’s praised for it. I don’t like that. But when I see him, it’s on. Every time I see him, I’m gonna fight him.”