Donald Cerrone: I’ll Bend Conor McGregor’s Little A** Over & Knock The Lucky Charms Out Of Him


After Conor McGregor said it would be ‘red panty’ night for Rafael dos Anjos’ wife if they ever fought at yesterday’s (Fri., September 4, 2015) UFC GO BIG presser, it was title contender Donald Cerrone’s turn to have a go on the McGregor circus wheel as the second part of the ‘Notorious’ one’s assault on the UFC lightweight division.

But the Irish loudmouth wasn’t about to make it easy for him. As ‘Cowboy’ opened up and said a single, “Yeah,” ‘Notorious’ interrupted in with another barb about red panties:

“It’s red panty night when you sign to fight me, yeah. Back at home with your wife. It’s a celebration.”

Cerrone was eventually able to get a word in, and gave his opinion of McGregor’s chances in the stacked lightweight division. They weren’t very good in any sense:

“Conor has no right to come up to ’55; he’s not gonna stand a chance, we’re too big and we’re too strong, so you can take your little English ass and get on.”

McGregor obviously had a quick response for Cerrone’s insinuation:

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“Too slow and too stiff. You’re stiff as a board; I’d snap you in half and that’s it. I see stiffness when I look in that 155-pound division. I feel like they’re stuck in the mud almost. The featherweights, they hit like flyweights, so it’s nice just destroying them and killing that whole division, but I have my eye on that 155 division and I see them all stuck in the mud down there. So we’ll see over time, but guess what? Have I been wrong yet? Have I been wrong yet? No!”

To that it appeared Cerrone was finished playing around, telling McGregor that he shouldn’t be worried about the lightweight division because he already had a challenge at 145 that was going to beat him:

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“Conor, you have a monster right here at ’45, Aldo, about to beat your ass. You beat nobody, you think you’re gonna come up to ’55 and make a statement? Come on man, sit the fuck down.”

‘Notorious’ only responded with a wild ‘Cowboy’-style yell of “Yee-haw!”

Later on, ‘Cowboy’ touched on a future fight with McGregor, and he put it in terms that got the Irish champion even more fired up:

“He’s real good at talkin’ out front of the public, but when we all stand out in the back out there he ain’t got nothing to say, so I stood back there for 30 minutes and nothin’ to say to me. But, uh, he was very cordial with my man next to me; of course we get out here and he wants to run his mouth. But it’s good, he sells the fights. But he comes to 155, I’m gonna bend his little ass over and knock the fuckin’ Lucky Charms out of him.”

McGregor closed by noting that Cerrone would have to get through dos Anjos in the feature bout of December 19’s UFC on FOX 17 before he potentially got the ‘honor’ of facing him:

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“We’ll see about that. First you’ve gotta through a guy that whooped your ass already. You’re fighting a guy that whooped your ass next, so you gotta come through there and then I’ll consider. I’ll check the numbers, I’ll discuss it with Frank, and then I’ll decide if I’ll change your bum life as well.”

The gloves are already off between McGregor and the top of the lightweight division. Will he beat Aldo to take on ‘Cowboy,’ or will the longtime Brazilian champion send him sputtering back to Earth with a large slice of humble pie?