Derrick Lewis reacts to UFC x Prime deal: “I’m not promoting nobody unless they pay me.”

Derrick Lewis

Premier Heavyweight, Derrick Lewis, is open to promoting UFC’s newest sponsor, as long as he gets paid to do it.

On January 31st, UFC announced its newest partnership with the sports drink Prime. Popular influencers, Logan Paul and KSI have been the face of Prime and have helped the drink reach mainstream status. Becoming the official drink sponsor of the UFC has been an incredible accomplishment for the two stars, but Derrick Lewis isn’t the type to promote anything if it doesn’t add more zeros to his bank account.

In a recent interview, he explained his promotional strategy, which is quite simple. 

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“Monster don’t pay me,” Lewis said. “Whoever pays me, sh*t, I’m going to promote the hell out of them. I’m not promoting nobody unless they pay me.” (H/T Mmaweekly)

Derrick Lewis is open to promoting Prime as long as he’s getting paid

Judging by the previous sponsorship deals, it’s unlikely Derrick Lewis will be promoting Prime anytime soon. Prior to Prime, UFC inked a new shoe deal with Dwayne Johnson’s Project Rock shoes, however, it was revealed that the athletes won’t receive any additional compensation from the deal. 

It’s likely that the same scenario will be true for Prime, where the UFC will pocket all the revenue from the deal. However, Logan Paul did hint at possible fighter compensation in a recent post. 

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But for now, we’ll have to wait and see how the deal breaks down. If Derrick Lewis ends up posting several clips of him drinking Prime, then at least we’ll know that the Prime deal is more fighter friendly.