In the co-main event of ONE Century part one, Demetrious Johnson meets Danny Kingad in the ONE Flyweight Grand Prix.

Round 1:

Johnson and Kingad clinch up against the cage briefly before separating again. Johnson checks some leg kicks from Kingad. Johnson shoots in for a beautiful takedown and gets it, right into Kingad’s half guard. Johnson looks for a guillotine attempt after a scramble, but now Kingad is looking for a takedown of his own.

They stand but Johnson has the Muay Thai clinch, lands a big shot, and gets another takedown into side control. Johnson is working for the kimura now. He gives up the arm and gets full mount briefly before Kingad recovers half guard.

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Round 2:

Kingad throws some big shots to start the round but Johnson gets an immediate takedown into side control again. Another scramble but Johnson is right back into side control. Kingad manages to get to his feet and we’re striking again. Johnson steps in and eats some shots before getting another takedown.

Kingad locks up Johnson’s arm threatening a kimura, and now switches to an armbar attempt. Johnson escapes and is back into side control. Half guard top position for Johnson now. Johnson lands some big elbows from the top to end the round.

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Round 3:

A nice kick to the body lands for Johnson to open the round. Kingad responds with a shot to the body of his own, but Johnson takes him right back down. Johnson goes into side control and is dropping down some nice ground-and-pound. Kingad scrambles a bit and Johnson postures up, only to get backside control again, but Kingad has a hold of his arm.

Kingad stands and gets a takedown on Johnson. Johnson throws some elbows as he’s seated against the cage. A very nice scramble from Johnson and he gets to his feet. A frontside roll and Johnson ends up on top on the ground in side control again. Johnson goes for the back take and works a choke to end the round.

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Official Result: Demetrious Johnson def. Danny Kingad via unanimous decision