Deiveson Figueiredo was unable to attend the UFC 256 post-fight press conference following his successful title defense against Brandon Moreno, however, he shared new news that he had been hospitalized earlier that morning.

Speaking to Joe Rogan through a translator Figueiredo shared the news.

“Something happened to me yesterday I had an infection in my stomach I was in hospital until 2am,” Figueiredo shared. I didn’t know how I was going to perform but hopefully,I did a good job,” The Flyweight champion said.

Later on at the post-fight press conference, UFC President Dana White confirmed the news stating that the fight was at one point in jeopardy.

“He didn’t feel good in the middle of the night last night so he went to the hospital,” White said. “He went in and he got taken care of. Anytime a fighter goes to the hospital (the event) is in danger, obviously, we gave him the option, do you want to fight or do you not want to fight it’s up to you. He was obviously cleared medically to fight but he had the option to fight or not fight and he wanted to fight.” White said.

The main event bout saw Deiveson Figueiredo defend his title, be it by majority draw after a brutal five-round war against Brandon Moreno.

While this fight was competitive, the action appeared to sway when the referee removed a point from Figueiredo after a low blow caused a stoppage in the action.

With a majority of fans extremely impressed with the bout some dubbing it “fight of the year” White shared the UFC plans to make a rematch sometime in 2021.

Currently, no date has been scheduled, however, due to the damage sustained by athletes it could be some months before we see the rematch.

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