Batista Trains With Cesar Gracie Camp

Batista Training at Cesar Gracie Camp
The former WWE megastar Dave “The Animal” Bautista has made his intentions known in wanting an MMA contract with Strikeforce. During the talk between Coker and Batista, Coker stated that Batista would have to get in with a reputable camp to train him.
Batista may have found a camp. Batista has had some training at Affliction gym in Los Angeles, which gave him and idea of what to expect. Batista has sought out Cesar Gracie’s camp. Gracie told
that he showed up this afternoon and is working with Nick Diaz (Strikeforce WW champion) Nate Diaz, the talented UFC LW/WW, Jake Shields, (Strikeforce’s former MW champion), and Gilbert Melendez (Strikeforce LW champion). They were working on technique, and drills with the Animal.
Batista’s connection to the Gracie camp was through his training partner Imani Lee who fought at Dream 14, the same card which Nick Diaz def Zaromkis.  Batista and Imani tried getting a hold of Cesar Gracie shortly after the event but had no success.  Batista turned to Strikeforce for help, who managed to help set up the gym meeting.
Cesar Gracie had this to say
“Nick and Imani, they started working, talking and working technique and then Imani expressed his desire to come up,”
Ceasar also went on to say “he’s still not sure if Batista will fight, but is more than open to help him figure it out.”
“If he wants to fight or not, that’s up to him,” he said. “People want to come in and train with us, then we’re all for it.”
Scott Coker had stated that he would be interested to see the 41 year old matched up against former WWE star, and Army wrestler Bobby Lashley claiming that it would be a fun fight for the fans.
Only time will tell how interested Batista is in competing in MMA at age 41 it is a little late to pick up the sport.  It is yet to be seen if Batista will be able to handle all the hard work involved in becoming an MMA fighter.