Per Haljestam for USA TODAY Sports

Surging No. 7 UFC welterweight Darren Till burst into the spotlight when he stopped longtime vet Donald Cerrone in the main event of last October’s UFC Poland, but it’s been surprising to not see the Scouse star set foot back into the octagon since then.

But even though the UFC and Till didn’t strike while the proverbial iron was hot, they may have found an even better spot to showcase Till’s enamoring skills when it was recently announced he would be taking on former title challenger Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson in the main event of the UFC’s first trip to Till’s hometown of Liverpool on May 27.

Since the pivotal fight broke, Till has predictably been making bold prognostications for the awaited match, a trend he continued to MMANYTT (via MMA Mania), insisting he knows he’s better than the 35-year-old striking specialist before offering his foretelling of a brash outcome in his favor:

“Everyone says I’m not worthy of him … well, let’s just f**king fight. Because it’s getting me more lit up now inside. Let’s f**king do it. Let’s do it. Me and him. Show me how good of a striker you are, because I know I’m better, I know I’ll take his chin clean off. I know I’m better than him.”

It may have taken several months for his next bout to get booked, a time during which he went back-and-forth with several rising welterweight contenders such as Kamaru Usman, who was recently scheduled to fight Santiago Ponzinibbio in the main of UFC Chile.

Usman accused the Liverpudlian of being scared to face him, something he’s done to a large portion of the 170-pound rankings of late. But Till insisted he isn’t scared of the dominant wrestler’s mat game, just like he’s not scared of anyone in the division’s main strengths:

”I’m not scared of anyone,” Till said. “I’m not scared of Gunnar’s grappling and I’m not scared of Usman’s wrestling, I’m not scared of Woodley’s power and I’m not scared of Thompson’s karate. I don’t give a f**k about any of them. I’m not scared of any of them. They should be f**king scared of me because I’m a vicious little c**t.”