Daniel Cormier & Stipe Miocic exchange some words on social media following the news about the new main event of UFC 230.

The UFC announced last night (Tues., October 9, 2018)  that Cormier would defend the UFC heavyweight title against Derrick Lewis at November’s pay-per-view event from New York City.

Upset Former Champion

Once the former heavyweight champ caught wind of this, he made it known during an interview with ESPN that wanted to fight Cormier at UFC 230. However, that fight wasn’t meant to be due to the fact “DC” would not accept it. Miocic took one step further when he sent out a video of him talking about the first bout with Cormier three months ago.

“I’m a way better fighter than he was,” Miocic said. “Nine out of 10 times, I win that fight. That was the one time. It kills me inside, because I’m a way better fighter than he is. I know it and everyone else knows it. I think he knows it, too.”

DC & Stipe Exchange Words

Cormier fired back at the comments made by Miocic by telling him, “don’t be thirsty.” He claimed Miocic is up next if Brock Lesnar wasn’t ready for their fight in January of 2019.

“Damn seems like I’ve knocked my guy @stipemiocic silly. Come on my guy don’t be thirsty! We’re still good. You got next if Brock doesn’t make it!”

Reality Of Situation

Miocic vowed that although Cormier won in July, “it would never happen again.” It should be noted that although Miocic is clearly someone who can get a title shot, he was finished by Cormier and hasn’t fought since.

The UFC would likely want him to fight again and get an impressive win before granting him a title shot.

“You beat me that night. I respect that. But it would never happen again. I carried the torch in this division for a long time. I’ve been staying up all night with my new born daughter and I still offered to fight you nov 3 with ZERO camp weeks ago.”