Dana White Updates Status Of Conor McGregor vs. “Cowboy” Cerrone

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In the weeks since Donald Cerrone’s dominant TKO win over Alexander Hernandez at UFC on ESPN+ 1, talk of an upcoming fight with Conor McGregor has heated up for “Cowboy.”

It’s certainly not the first time we’ve heard Cerrone bring up the infamous Irishman’s name for a high-profile bout. It is, however, the first time McGregor has seemingly agreed to it. He did so on Twitter after ‘Cowboy’s’ win in Brooklyn. And with his troubles from the Nevada Stat Athletic Commission (NSAC) sorted out and soon to be a thing of the past, the fight could become a reality soon.

Dana’s Down With It

UFC President Dana White appeared on ‘The Jim Rome Show’ this week to give his take on the potentially huge fight between two fan favorites. White sung the praises of Cerrone because of his last match-up.

So not surprisingly, White is ready to make it happen:

“Yeah, listen, if these two wanna fight each other, I’m cool with it. If you look at it, you know, first of all, ‘Cowboy’s’ broke tons of records here at the UFC. And he was an underdog going into his last fight against Hernandez, against this young, up-and-coming killer and ‘Cowboy’ completely destroyed this kid. And yeah, I’m down with it. These two want to fight, I’ll make it happen.”

Based on that statement and all of the other smoke around the fire, this fight is looking more and more likely by the day. It’s not a shock, as both fighters are two of the most popular in UFC history. McGregor also needs a win in the worst way after not tasting victory since late 2016.

‘Cowboy’ is no easy foe, of course, yet many feel his style is one that could be conducive to McGregor picking up a win. Either way, it’s set to do big numbers on PPV if and when it does happen.

All that’s left is for White to make it official.

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